Need an emergency cleanup as soon as possible and want someone else to do the dirty work for you? You've come to the right place -- Long Island Water Damage Restoration Company, ServiceMaster Restore by American Restoration Services, Inc. We've been in business for more than a decade cleaning up messes and damages than you can't or just don't want to.

ServiceMaster is a hundred year old company that is nationally recognized and locally owned, providing cleaning and smoke, water, flood, mold & fire damage restoration on Long Island in times of crisis or emergency. If you've been a victim of flooding, fire, mold or structural damage, we're the company to call. No mess is too big or too small for us. We're fully licensed and insured and our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Here are some of the services we provide in your time of need:
Water Damage Restoration Repair
Fire Damage Restoration
Smoke Damage Repair
Flood Damage
Mold Remediation
Carpet Cleaning
Duct Cleaning

With all the storm, flooding and hurricane damage suffered by homeowners and business owners on Long Island and in New York City the last few years, people are looking for home construction and restoration companies that are dependable and trustworthy. Well, Long Island flood damage restoration company, ServiceMaster is here to put an end to all your worries. Our highly trained crew will finish the job professionally and efficiently.

Check our testimonials link -- we'll let our satisfied customers do the talking. We'll return your home or business to clean, healthy, liveable conditions and help you breathe easier again -- literally.

ServiceMaster Clean only utilizes cleaning products that are green efficient. We guarantee we won't harm the environment or your environment. If you have a water or fire damage emergency or need cleaning or repairs to your property, contact us immediately at (631) 236-9613 or toll free at (877) 624-9085. You can even email us from this website, servicemasterbyar.com. Our curteous, knowledgeable customer service representative will calm your fears and advise you how and when you can set up a free consultation. So when Mother Nature leaves you with a mess, you don't have to do the dirty work. Let us handle it for you.

ServiceMaster Clean will leave your home clean once again

We specialize in Water Damage, Fire Damage, Smoke and more in Long Island, New York. Please call (631) 236-9613 for a free consultation.


ServiceMaster Clean understands that experiencing water damage can be difficult. This is likely your first water loss. However, for ServiceMaster Clean this is a process we have done several times. Even though you’re calling on the restoration professionals, there are things you can do in your home or business to minimize additional damage. Click to learn more!